Slightly Tempted by Mary Balogh
Bedwyn Family Saga #4
Piatkus 2004
386 pages
4/5 stars

I’m now officially done with the Bedwyn books. I would say I feel hollow, except I don’t, because I’m just going to reread the lot, and then reread them again. So you know. Not really a loss.

Let me preface by saying that I enjoyed this book immensely. It’s not my favourite – that will always be number 3, Slightly Scandalous – but this definitely comes up to top three. Although I have a reason for docking one star from my review, this book has the tenderest relationship between hero and heroine that I’ve ever seen.

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Slightly Wicked by Mary Balogh
Bedwyn Family Saga #2
Piatkus 2003
342 pages
5/5 stars

Yet another series I’m not reading in order, hooray! And this time I realise what a mistake it is. Anyway. Slightly Wicked is an excellent seduction novel, with a very strong theme of consent and a masterfully secondary intrigue plot.

(Spoiler warning: I wax analytical in this review and if you want to avoid all plot points, you should probably not read what I’m saying.)

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Mary Balogh: ONLY A KISS

Only A Kiss by Mary Balogh
Survivors’ Club #6
Piatkus 2015
381 pages
5/5 stars

The sixth instalment of the Survivors’ Club features a heroine I didn’t think I would like at all, and a hero who might – might – by my favourite in the series. Although not my favourite novel in the series, this is a very solid one with lots of humour amid very dark topics. It also features a subplot about smugglers that I would claim to be very atypical for Balogh!

(I talked about the previous books in the Survivors’ Club series in this post!)

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Series Review: Mary Balogh’s SURVIVORS’ CLUB

This week I’m doing something slightly different. In this post, I will combine very short reviews of the first five books of Mary Balogh’s Survivors’ Club series. This is for a simple reason: I read the first book very long ago, and the next four back to back this summer, which perhaps wasn’t such a good idea – they are blurring together in my head by now – and now the sixth book, Only A Kiss, is out! So, then plan is to give you an idea about the earlier books in the series, and a longer review of the new one as soon as I get it!

The Survivors’ Club is a group of six titled men and one woman, all of whom have suffered either physical or psychological damage during the Napoleonic wars and become friends while recuperating at Penderris Hall in Cornwall. In each book, one of the Survivors finds love and, to an extent anyway, peace.

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