Happily Ever After: The Romance Story in Popular Culture by Catherine M. Roach
Indiana University Press 2016
195 pages
5/5 stars

This is the first time I’m reviewing a work of non-fiction, but I simply can’t resist when it comes to this book. Roach looks, in an entertaining and enlightening way, at how the romance narrative permeates popular culture and what romance novels in particular do in that respect. You don’t have to be a romance reader to enjoy this book – it doesn’t assume you are – nor do you have to be an academic, because Roach is particularly approachable with her autoethnographic, intersectional approach.

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It’s been a quiet month over here at Paperwights, and in lieu of actual content I wanted to pop by and make my excuses.

The national conference of Popular Culture Association and American Culture Association took place last week in Seattle, WA, and my absence has been due to that. I presented a paper, and that involved all kinds of getting ready, and as a result I haven’t really been reading as much as usual or writing reviews. But never fear! I am getting back to it now!

(The conference and presentation went really well, by the way. I met lots of other romance scholars, learned things, ate ALL the bagels, and generally had a really good time. A busy week, sure, but most instructive!)

I’m now trying to catch up on reading, including all the books I bought – several recent romance releases as well as finally the last of Kowal’s Glamourist Histories – and I hope to get them reviewed soon! I’m currently two thirds into Maya Rodale’s Lady Bridget’s Diary, so stay tuned for a review of it! (Sneak peek: enjoying it enormously so far!)


Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas
Wallflowers #3
Avon 2006
368 pages
5/5 stars

I have been recommended Devil in Winter left, right and centre by my romance-reading friends. As I’m not the biggest fan of Kleypas, I hemmed and hawed but got it from the library, and then I got to the second renewal before actually reading it.

Guys. Guys, this one is amazing.

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Devil Takes A Bride by Gaelen Foley
Knight Miscellany #5
Piatkus 2004
460 pages
5/5 stars

This book in the Knight series is rather long for a romance – indicative of adventure-heaviness that I scrunched up my nose at – but it’s definitely worth it! One of my favourite heroines ever, a very good hero, and the pages just fly by!

(I have reviewed some of the previous books in this series on this blog, Lord of Fire and Lord of Ice.)

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Gaelen Foley: LORD OF FIRE

Lord of Fire by Gaelen Foley
Knight Miscellany #2
Piatkus 2001
363 pages
4/5 stars

In order to have some structure in my reading life as well to meet my reading goals this year, I decided to start finishing series I have started. First up in Gaelen Foley’s Knight Miscellany, of which I have previous read The Duke (#1), Lady of Desire (#4) and One Night of Sin (#6). The rest I read in order.

Once again Foley does not disappoint, and I’m very fond of this one in particular.

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