About the Wights

noun, archaic, dialect

1. a person of a specified kind, especially one regarded as unfortunate.

2. (literary) a spirit, ghost, or other supernatural being.


Alexandra Rowland (on the left in that photo) grew up on a sailboat in the Bahamas and then in a house in Florida. Sick to death of the tropics, she attended Truman State University in northern Missouri, where she studied world literature, mythology, and folklore. She now lives in western Massachusetts where she works as a game monitor at an escape room company, occasional bespoke seamstress, and writer under the stern supervision of her feline quality control manager. She can be found on Twitter as @_alexrowland.

Her debut novel, THE LAST QUEENS OF NURYEVET, is forthcoming from Saga Press in fall of 2018!

Alex reviews primarily science fiction and fantasy.


Veera (on the right in the above photo) grew up in a voraciously reading family and does not feel entirely comfortable without a book. After discovering fantasy in her tweens, she has from there built a wide-ranging interest in different genres and will give anything a shot if it sounds interesting – even postmodernism, although she will grumble. Fantasy still makes frequent appearances on her To Be Read piles and lists – yes, there are several – but in the last couple of years romance novels have taken over the majority of her annual reading, dotted with literary fiction, English and Russian classics, detective stories, and young adult fiction.

Apart from reading books, Veera enjoys tea and coffee, academia, and movies, especially period pieces and literary adaptations, which she will recommend at the barest hint. She is frequently given to grumbling about the Finnish cinemas not acquiring the films she wants to see while watching the BBC Pride and Prejudice for the thousandth time. She will very likely ramble about adaptations on this blog among book reviews and other book-related topics.

Veera is mere months away from completing her MA from the University of Helsinki in English Philology, with a focus on literature. Her thesis discusses the diversity of representations of female characters, relationship power structures and heroes in popular romance novels. Her previous studies include a BA in the same major, also with a focus on literature, as well as a minor in Comparative Literature and basic studies in Film and Television Studies. With her future open, she hopes to work more in the field of popular romance studies and to pursue a PhD one day.



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