It’s been a quiet month over here at Paperwights, and in lieu of actual content I wanted to pop by and make my excuses.

The national conference of Popular Culture Association and American Culture Association took place last week in Seattle, WA, and my absence has been due to that. I presented a paper, and that involved all kinds of getting ready, and as a result I haven’t really been reading as much as usual or writing reviews. But never fear! I am getting back to it now!

(The conference and presentation went really well, by the way. I met lots of other romance scholars, learned things, ate ALL the bagels, and generally had a really good time. A busy week, sure, but most instructive!)

I’m now trying to catch up on reading, including all the books I bought – several recent romance releases as well as finally the last of Kowal’s Glamourist Histories – and I hope to get them reviewed soon! I’m currently two thirds into Maya Rodale’s Lady Bridget’s Diary, so stay tuned for a review of it! (Sneak peek: enjoying it enormously so far!)



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