Published: 1975
Winner or Rec? World Fantasy Award winner
Started reading: September 28, 2014
Finished reading: September 29, 2014

A momentous occasion! The first-ever World Fantasy Award winner, and glad we are to see her too. The Epic Reading Project has thus far been a long, long tour through the great (overwhelmingly white, male) authors of science fiction, with only the occasional break for fantasy (THE LAST UNICORN, ILL MET IN LANKMAR, THE BROKEN SWORD, Earthsea — I’m looking at you guys. I appreciate you).  McKillip’s third novel marks a significant change in the landscape of the genre from here on out, and damn if it’s not a great one to kick off the WFAs with.

As you may have figured out, I am a terribly soft touch when it comes to lush worldbuilding, and THE FORGOTTEN BEASTS OF ELD provides that in no small measure. McKillip’s writing is rich and detailed and helplessly lovely, but it’s a quiet, cozy sort of thing.

And then there’s Sybel — cold and emotionally distant Sybel, who has very little need for other people, and who cares for perhaps two people and her animals. Sybel keeps the world at arm’s length, and I love her for it.

Really enjoyed this book, I’d recommend it!



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