What I’m reading now…

You know, I’m supposed to put up a post reviewing Ursula LeGuin’s THE TOMBS OF ATUAN today, but I’m feeling suuuuuper unmotivated, and I just got back from a month-long roadtrip, where I did all the driving (except for ~7 hours at the end; shout out to my friend Maia). I’m tired and my brain needs a break. DEAL WITH IT.

During the trip, I took a break from the Epic Reading Project and picked up SHARPS by KJ Parker, which I started a while back and never got to finish. I’m about half done, and after this, I’m seriiiiously tempted to continue being irresponsible. My friend Fran Wilde’s debut novel UPDRAFT was just released last week, you see, and I am itching to read it, cause it sounds fantastic. We’ll see how the whim strikes me.



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