Arkady & Boris Strugatsky: ROADSIDE PICNIC

Published: 1971
Winner or Rec? Rec
Started reading: September 13, 2014
Finished reading: September 13, 2014

Epic Reading Project book #26

The tricky thing with a translation is that you can’t quite be sure if what you like about the book is because the translator was good, or because the original authors were. In any case, ROADSIDE PICNIC is excellent. It’s a first-contact story, but it takes place entirely after the aliens have been and gone, and it is one of the most plausible depictions possible — the aliens littered junk around their landing site, and this detritus is, for the most part, so technologically advanced as to be entirely beyond human comprehension. It’s a sobering reminder that humans may be the dominant species on our own planet, but that that might not necessarily be the case were we to ever encounter intelligent extraterrestrial life — not just possible, but probable.

Great book. I recommend!





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