Published: 1968
Winner or Rec? Prerequisite for a later winner
Started reading: October 25th
Finished reading: October 26th

Epic Reading Project book #21


Oh, what a breath of fresh air. With this book, I was lifted from the interminable bogs of 60s scifi and given an all-too-brief and delicious respite. Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

This book is a great example of what works for me as a reader: Interesting characters, one of whom I get to know really intimately, fantastic worldbuilding, neat magic… What’s not to love? 😀 It’s a great book, all the more great because it wasn’t another goddamn space opera. Look, I’m snarking pretty hard on 60s scifi right now, but what do you want me to do? The heart wants what the heart wants, and what my heart wants is motherfucking wizards. Le Guin provides.

It’s so simple, and so beautiful. It doesn’t weigh itself down with unnecessary ballast. Le Guin does not waste time pussyfooting around until her story starts happening; she gets straight to business and stays there until it’s over, and then she stops. It’s so great, and I love her for it.

I have nothing more to say. Go read this book!




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