The Epic Reading Project: The Year in Review

Today, I have done one year of the Epic Reading Project! (For those of you who may be newly joining us, here’s an explanation of the ERP.)

YAAAAAAAY. Let’s celebrate by looking at some of my stats from the last year.

In the last 365 days, I have finished reading 118 books, out of the 338 on the list.

I have skipped (or read previously, before the project began) 44 books.

The decade with the most skips was the 90s, which is kind of impressive because I’m still only halfway through the 90s right now. It’s the goddamn cyberpunk, I tell you. Cyberpunk and I just don’t get along. I dunno what to tell you.  Out of 41 books from the 90s that I have read so far, I skipped 9 of them — 21%! In conclusion: Don’t give me cyberpunk books for my birthday.


  • Happily, I did not have to skip any of the 5 books from 1990, my birth year!
  • The first book of the year was Theodore Sturgeon’s THE DREAMING JEWELS
  • The last book of the year was Nancy Springer’s LARQUE ON THE WING.
  • The average time it takes me to complete a book is 1.2 days (or a squinch more than a book finished every other day. Finishing a book the same day I start it = 0 days. Finishing a book the day after I start it = 1 day. You see?)
  • I have 176 books left!
  • My spreadsheet estimates that I can complete the ERP in another 211 days of active reading. So… Roughly another year and a half in real time, if I continue at my current rate.


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