Published: 1966
Winner or Rec? Hugo winner (tied with DUNE)
Started reading: August 14th
Finished reading: August 25th

Epic Reading Project book #17

Sigh. Zelazny and I just don’t get along. I know so many people who squee their faces off about Zelazny, but maaaan… I just don’t see it.  You can usually tell how much I liked a book by how quickly I got through it (or if I got through it at all… There’ve been some books in this project that I gave up on halfway through. No reviews about those, of course, it wouldn’t be fair).

To date, with 100 books of the Epic Reading Project finished, THIS IMMORTAL still takes first prize for the book that took me longest to finish: Eleven days. ELEVEN! When usually I can finish a book the same day I begin it. ELEVEN DAYS! And honestly, I can’t figure out what it was that made it so difficult for me. I think it’s just Zelazny. Reading Zelazny is like wading through waist-deep mud.

Eleven days to get through this book, and I don’t even have anything relevant to say about this.  In conclusion, then, as always when I have this kind of experience: Your Mileage May Vary.



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