Frank Herbert: DUNE

Published: 1966
Winner or Rec? Hugo winner (Tied with THIS IMMORTAL), and Nebula winner (the first! Hello, Nebula Award!)
Started reading: August 5th
Finished reading: August 13th

Epic Reading Project book #16


What can I possibly say about DUNE that hasn’t been said a thousand times by multiple generations of SFF fans? Not much, so the only thing to do is harmonize: You should definitely read this book. It’s a classic. It’s a landmark of the genre. It’s got science, and quasi-magic, and a chosen one, and prophecies, and people riding giant worms through the desert. BRO. GIANT WORMS, BRO. What’s not to love?

Okay, there’s one thing I don’t love at all. I have an objection to the only explicitly gay character in the book (the antagonist) being portrayed as disgusting and repulsive. If you want a disgusting and repulsive gay antagonist, you should have ~3-4 other queer characters (gay, transgender, asexual/aromantic, etc etc) representing other points on the moral spectrum, for balance. (And because representation is important anyway, so you ought to have some variety even if your antagonist isn’t disgusting/repulsive/gay.) The “effeminate villain” trope is beneath us. We can and should do better than that these days!

If you can deal with that flaw (both taking it in stride and examining it critically), then you should read this book.

Giant. Worms. Bro.




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