Published: 1962
Winner or Rec? Hugo winner 1963
Started reading: July 29th, 2014
Finished reading: August 3rd, 2014

Epic Reading Project book #13

Not my favorite book ever. It’s an interesting thought experiment about what the world would be like if the Axis had won the second World War, and while parts of it were riveting, my attention was wandering for about half of the book.  Dick has a deft touch with history and politics, but I wasn’t particularly interested in any of the characters, and characters are what will really catch my attention, more than anything else. It’s intellectually stimulating, but it didn’t set my heart on fire.

Still, it’s an important book in the genre, so you should probably read it one of these days anyway. If you lovelovelove alternate history or if you’re a WW2 nut, you will probably love this book.



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