Published: 1959
Winner or Rec? Hugo Award winner (1961)
Started reading: July 27th, 2014
Finished reading: July 28th, 2014

Epic Reading Project book #10

This book! This is a great book. You should certainly read this book. I recommend!  It is in three parts, and though my interest flagged slightly in the second and third parts, the first section is fantastic. Perhaps it was because I’ve done some calligraphy and illumination as a hobby, so I understood and sympathized with the trials and tribulations of the monk who features as the main character of part one.  In any case, it’s set in a kind of Dark Age set roughly 600 years after a nuclear war wiped out most of civilization. Knowledge and learning were thereafter regarded as highly suspect, and lingered (as they did in the medieval Dark Ages) thanks to the careful conservation of religious monasteries.

This is a book that will appeal most if you’re interested in big-picture kind of things — the rise of civilization from its nuclear Dark Age to a new Renaissance over roughly 1000 years, the cyclical nature of human history, and so forth. This book is a classic for a reason!

(Trigger warning: Some gruesome violence.)



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