Published: 1954
Winner or Rec? Rec.
Started reading: December 21st, 2014
Finished reading: December 26th, 2014

Epic Reading Project book #7

This book. Is a great book. MMM. Love this book. It’s a proper heroic epic fantasy, drawing on gorgeous, strongly Norse-influenced mythology. And it is delicious. The sword dance. Be still my heart!

There’s love and murder and betrayal and cunning! There’s elves that do more than gaze off into the middle distance while a breeze that no one else feels wafts gently through their hair! If you like Tolkien but sometimes you wish that he got his hands dirty a bit more often (OTHER than when gardening), this is the book for you. If your heart is tired of epic fantasy and you don’t think you can go on, have a cup of tea and a hot bath and consider giving this one a shot.

Did I mention the sword dance? There is a sword dance. IT’S AWESOME.  Read this book.



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