Published: 1953
Winner or Rec? Rec.
Started reading: July 25th, 2014
Finished reading: July 25th, 2014

Epic Reading Project book #6

This is a teeny little book, about 30 pages long. It is a picture book for grown-up artists. It is specifically relevant for writers, but as it’s more about the emotional ups and downs of arting and the arting profession, if you’re an artist, it’s relevant to you.

It’s fucking hilarious, okay? And it is so true. It is so painfully true. If you have ever stared mournfully out of the window, wondering why there were no makings of a fire for you to burn your art in, you should read this book. If you have ever threatened to throw yourself into the sea rather than art a single instant more, or to retire entirely to live as a hermit in the woods, you should read this book. It won’t exactly help you feel better, per se, but it’ll remind you that the feelings you’re having are feelings that all artists have. This book is a tiny slice of perfection, and all writers ought to buy a copy and keep it on their desks for those long dark teatimes of the soul.



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